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New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (Study Edition)


Hebrew Calendar

NISAN (ABIB) March—April

14 Passover

15-21 Unleavened Bread

16 Offering of firstfruits

Jordan swells from rains, melting snow


IYYAR (ZIV) April—May

14 Late Passover

Dry season begins, mostly clear skies


SIVAN May—June

6 Festival of Weeks (Pentecost)

Summer heat, clear air

Wheat, early figs

TAMMUZ June—July


Heat increases, heavy dews in areas

First grapes

AB July—August


Heat reaches maximum

Summer fruits

ELUL August—September


Heat continues

Dates, grapes, and figs

TISHRI (ETHANIM) September—October

1 Trumpet blast

10 Day of Atonement

15-21 Festival of Booths

22 Solemn assembly

Summer ends, early rains begin


HESHVAN (BUL) October—November


Light rains


CHISLEV November—December

25 Festival of Dedication

Rain increases, frost, mountain snows

Flocks wintered

TEBETH December—January


Maximum cold, rainy, mountain snows

Vegetation developing

SHEBAT January—February


Cold weather lessens, rain continues

Almond blossoms

ADAR February—March

14, 15 Purim

Frequent thunder and hail



Intercalary month added seven times in 19 years